Sundays, September-May, 4:30-6:30PM.

Kick-off is Sep. 14.

Registration is exclusively online this year.
All Clubbers, Leaders, and LITs need to register.

Click here to register.

The Store will be open early to purchase handbooks, uniforms, and to pay dues. A remote Store will be open in the Worship Center foyer after services on both Sep. 7 & 14.

Awana is fun with a purpose! It's a children's Bible club with an emphasis on Scripture memory and Christian living for kids. We're part of a worldwide Awana kids' club ministry that exists to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. Our goal is to get God's Word into our kids and our kids into God's Word! It's all about meeting Jesus and growing in faith.

Kids from our church and around the community come together for fun, learning, and fellowship. Children are separated into smaller clubs based on age: Puggles (2 yrs.), Cubbies (3-4yrs.), Sparks (K-2nd grade), Truth & Training (3rd-6th grade). They get to play active games, hear solid, biblical teaching, and learn the basics for a relationship with God. They work at saying Bible verses they learned at home, memorizing more verses, and applying them to their daily lives, in an environment with lots of positive friendships, encouragement, and affirmation. Little kids get a pint-sized version of what the big kids enjoy. Remember to wear tennis shoes and that this is a great place to bring friends!

At Awana we use a cross-club curriculum approach. That means an age-appropriate version of the same Bible lesson will be taught in each club. This way, your whole family can talk about the Bible lesson they heard at club on the way home, giving families an opportunity to connect and reinforce lessons learned. Go deeper with your kids and follow along with the lessons. Story Thru the Bible is available for purchase in the Awana Store.

Cost: Regular attendees will need to purchase a uniform ($11), a handbook ($9), and pay a registration fee ($20 per child or $50 max per family), which covers Awana Club dues, Clubber awards, and all of the fun stuff we include on club nights.

As with any of our Children’s Ministry opportunities, parents and other caring adults are always welcome to join us as leaders or for special event nights. Awana is also a great opportunity for teens. It’s a ministry the entire family can plug into.

Check-in Procedure

Our required security check-in procedure applies to Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T. If you have children in Sparks or T & T, please park in the rear parking lot and enter the FLC building through the main lobby. There you will find multiple check-in stations and some friendly folks to help you through the process.

When checking in, you will need to provide a cell phone number, should we need to get a hold of you during Awana. You will receive a name badge sticker to place on your child, and a security sticker for you to present when you return to pick up your child. You may check in multiple children at one time, but will still receive one security sticker that you will present when you return for all of your children. Please keep your phone turned on, in the event that your child needs you. Thank you for your cooperation as we provide a safe and secure environment for your kiddos.

Once you have checked in, take your Sparks and T & T kids to the gym where they will find their club Leaders and LITs waiting to greet them on their color lines, Sparks towards the stage, T & T at the other end. Parents are always welcomed to stay for the Flag Ceremony. If you have a Puggle or Cubbie, please walk them over to the WC building before Flags. If you are only bringing a child to Puggles or Cubbies, you may park in the front lot and use the check-in station at the Tree House @ Faith.

Get Connected

Interested in helping with Awana? Download a registration form or for more information, contact Pastor Jerry (972)-223-0000 x110 or