Fusion Phase 2

Santiago, Chile

June 15-26, 2023


Fusion is a short-term missions experience that strategically partners churches in North America with churches in Latin America for the purpose of multiplying healthy, disciple-making student ministries. As two student ministries are FUSED together for the purpose of making disciples who can make disciples, students from both ministries are challenged and stretched, growing in their faith.


Our vision is to see at least one healthy, disciple-making student ministry in every town, village, and city throughout the Americas (North, Central, and South America).


Fusion is as much about developing your student ministry as it is about facilitating the development of a healthy, disciple-making student ministry cross-culturally. Throughout the Fusion process, you will be trained, challenged and equipped to make disciples among your own students, and we’ll work with you to make Fusion an integral part of your disciple-making strategy.

More Info:

01: Sign up Deadline: January 18th
02: Plan to attend team meetings once per month in Feb, Mar, Apr, and May
03: We will be hosting 2 teamwork weekends. One In March (Friday evening to Saturday night) to work on Spanish and game plan for the trip. One in June (Friday evening to Saturday night or Sunday Morning) as at outreach retreat. you will be encouraged to bring a lost friend whom you have cultivated a relationship with over the Semester.
04: Plan to serve at February banquet. all proceeds will go towards this trip. Each student will still need to raise half of required funds by April team meeting.
05: Each student will be asked to share your testimony in a public setting at least once before the trip.
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"the one who says that he remains in him ought, himself also, walk as Jesus walked."
I John 2:6

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