Solomon pens in Proverbs 3 verse 1 to not forget the teaching of the Bible. Studying and applying the Scriptures is what God calls "leaning not on our own understanding". If we ignore the teachings of the Bible in our everyday lives then we are choosing to depend or trust in our own judgment and ideas.

Jesus similarly makes it clear that applying the Scriptures is vital for every believer. Some of the last words Jesus spoke before He rose into the clouds were similar to Solomon's: for us to teach new believers to do "everything I have commanded you." We often think that Jesus was just talking about all the things he taught us in the Gospels, but it really includes all of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation as the many writers wrote under God’s guidance.

Solomon also teaches in verse 2 that applying God's Word to our everyday lives has benefits: it adds years to your life, increases "peace" in your life, and brings "prosperity". If you just take one example from the book of Proverbs of the things to avoid, namely drunkenness, you can see how this principle works. Medical studies point out that excessive alcohol harms the body's organs, taking years off of one's life. Drunkenness is also involved in the majority of domestic violence incidents which take "peace" away from families. The financial cost of alcohol abuse can take the "prosperity" away from folks as well.

Lord Jesus, we ask that you help us to apply your teachings throughout 2022 so that we may reap the benefits you have promised those who heed Your guidance. As you taught us to pray: Lead us away from temptation, and deliver us from evil. We love You, Lord! Amen.

by David Marshall, Chairman of the Elder Board

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