Super Bowl Sunday 2023 has come and gone, but I’m sure that even if your favorite team was
not playing, it’s safe to say that we Texans love to watch football! Have you ever heard that
quote popularized in 1963 by Bud Wilkinson when he said…”Twenty-two boys on the field
badly in need of rest, and 40,000 people in the stands badly in need of exercise”!

Well, what a contrast we see to that in our old testament reading today! Moses assembled the
congregation and he began instructing the sons of Israel about the construction and the items
needed for the tabernacle. After those instructions, I found it fascinating that in verses 21-30,
the words everyone, every, and all appeared 10 times!

And what was even MORE fascinating was Chapter 36:5, when Moses was told that “the
people are bringing much more than enough for the construction work which the Lord
commanded us to perform”, to which the next couple of verses indicated that the people were
RESTRAINED from bringing anymore!

Just let that sink in for a moment!

I wonder in my lifetime if I will ever hear something like that from our leaders…
“Please stop volunteering….We have more workers than slots available”
“Please stop giving money….That need has been over-saturated”
“Please stop bringing clothes and food…There is no more storage space”

Oh that all of us would have such giving hearts and that everyone would have a desire to
actively participate in the work of the Lord!

by Lana Krohn, Chair of the Women's Ministry Team

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