Our passage in Matthew 26 is about Peter denying three times that he even knows Jesus.  The first denial he simply says, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”  The second time he takes an oath and says, “I don’t know the man!”  Then finally the third time he curses and swears that “I don’t know the man!”  

Several thoughts came to mind as I read this passage.  I thought about how Peter is not that different from you and me.  We may have never actually told someone “I am not a follower of Jesus!”  but we may have joined in behavior with others that is sinful and denied Jesus by our choosing to not forsake sin.

We also may have denied that we know Jesus by never talking about Him.  We talk to people everyday when we go to the store or go to work.  We talk about current events, sports, the crazy Texas weather, and many other topics.  Never talking about Jesus at these times is kind of like acting as if we really “don’t know the man.”  

Peter does the right action after doing the wrong one.  He is truly sorry for acting like he doesn’t even know Jesus.  We too can do the right thing and acknowledge Jesus before others.  We are left here on earth for a short time with a purpose:  to make Jesus known.  “Lord Jesus, help us to not be ashamed of You, but with Your strength and love give us boldness to talk about You.”

by David Marshall, Chairman of the Elder Board

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