The rich man’s wealth is his fortress
The ruin of the poor is their poverty
The wages of the righteous is life
The income of the wicked, punishment

Proverbs 10: 15-16

God is a master of timing.  By spending time in His word He specifically speaks to us.  This morning in the men’s prayer group we discussed a devotion entitled “Adversity’s Goal.”  It enlightened me with the thought that the precise struggles God delivers in our life are designed to bring about perfect discipline for us.  This perfect discipline, this goal of adversity, is to make us holy and more dependent on Him.

Wow, today I read this proverb.  “The rich man’s wealth is his fortress.” In a few days I will retire. No more pay checks. I must keep a budget. I am well just…retired.  Wealth was my fortress.  But He speaks to me through His Word.  Through financial adversity God brings more dependence on Him.  Dependence means that I may live God’s righteous discipline and experience life.  Life is trusting in Him.  Today may you also experience the Master of Timing.

by Steve Sagué, Elder

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