Num. 15:17-16:40; Mark 15; Psa. 54; Prov. 11:5-6

It’s interesting to see Moses and David both cry out for—and receive—justice from the Lord in today’s OT readings. Moses’ call for God to not accept Korah’s offering (Numbers 16:15) ends in a spectacular fashion, with the earth swallowing up the rebels. And David’s cry that evil would recoil on those that are scheming against him without cause (Psalm 54:5) ends with David looking in triumph on his foes.

But wow, the justice received here is messy. Don’t look in these passages for repentance, reconciliation, or healing. Here we have entire families caught up in the damage of these evildoers. Is this what the wages of sin looks like? If I were an Israelite, I’d be worried about the ground underneath me as well!

So it’s really with shock and awe that we read today’s passage in Mark. Here Justice meets Grace and Truth, as Jesus takes the evil done by the entirety of humanity—the evil that I have done—and pays the penalty for that sin Himself. You can see Jesus driving the narrative, saying nothing in response to the mocking, the blaspheming, the scourging, the cross. Such love! There is no firmer place to stand than on this rock of salvation.

Father, thank you so much for the love You demonstrated to us, by sending Your only begotten Son. Allow me to experience that love even more today. Amen.

by Erik Brommers, Elder

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