They were watching him to see whether he would feed the starving children. They were watching him to see if he would heal the AIDS patients. They were watching him to see whether he would give this still-born baby back to her mother. And when he did…they began to plot his death. Absurd, incomprehensible evil. In today’s NT reading (Lk. 5:29-6:11), Jesus is being watched by the religious leaders because they are looking for a reason to accuse Him (Luke 6:7). He is aware and plays right into their concern. He heals a man with a withered hand on the Sabbath in the synagogue.

These religious leaders had no love or concern for the hurting or wounded in their midst. They only cared about their position and traditions. They would fight to the death if you broke their rule but not even an echo of joy would be found in their hearts or minds if a life was made whole. Somehow they failed to get to know God and as a consequence misinterpreted His Law.

Get to know your Savior and our God. And if you ever find yourself angry because the hungry are fed or the mother has her child back or the terminal patient is no longer diseased because it does not fit your picture of Who God is…know that you are probably looking in the mirror instead of at the face of Christ.

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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