James 5:7-19

Therefore, be patient, brothers and sisters until the coming of the Lord. What does patience
look like? Behave like a farmer – accomplish your due diligence with the soil while waiting in
the midst of early and late rains. Wait with patient resolve even in the unknown because this
strengthens you.

This due diligence is especially needed with the people of the church. Do not complain about
the failures of the members around you. Consider Job as he suffered from the rebuke of his
helpers in the midst of the unknown. We know the end of his story with the Lord’s
compassionate and abundant mercy to Job. And for you, the Lord is coming soon!

While we wait, live life as we receive life. Suffering? Then pray. Cheerful? Sing praises. Sick?
Receive prayer because prayers offered in faith will restore.

While we wait, stay together and be transparent about our weaknesses to each other. Confess
our sins to each other and we are healed. The effective prayer of the righteous is powerful in
our church in what it can accomplish.

While we wait, continue to long for the soon return of the Lord. But in our today, farm the soil
of our church. God produces much fruit through us in every season. So help each other,
prepare the harvest and remove a multitude of weeds.

by Steve Sagué, Elder

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