(Luke 5:12-28)
Do you remember when, as a child, you played ‘Hide & Seek’ or went on ‘treasure hunts’ with your friends in the neighborhood?  I can think of many times my brothers and I along with some neighborhood boys would head out into the wild to search out new treasures.  And while we would be out wandering through the forest for most of the day, we were focused and there was not much that could distract us.  Sometimes I find myself needing a means to keep my mind engaged as I read the Scriptures because it is too prone to wander!

I often use a method I call ‘a Treasure Hunt’ to keep my mind engaged as I read the Word.  I determine before I open the text that ‘thing’ for which I will be searching. Recently, because of the trip to Israel, I have been focused on place names.  In today’s reading in Luke, there were several places mentioned:  the cities, the wilderness, Galilee, Judea & Jerusalem.  I circle these places and, when I finish reading, I turn to the back of my Bible to the maps to ensure I know where these places are located. Previously, I have noted all the commands of Jesus in this passage so these pages are starting to get quite marked up!
See if you are more engaged while using the ‘Treasure Hunt’ method.  As you read through Luke or Numbers or Psalms, seek out every use of the word ‘holy’ or people’s names or locations or commands or…..be creative! The thing we should avoid doing is coming to the text of Scripture with a mind that is distracted or bored.  And you cannot be bored while on a TREASURE HUNT!

by Curt Krohn, Senior Pastor

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