Psalm 106:13-31 reveals to us how the people of Israel acted in the Wilderness. Verse 21 says, “they forgot God their Savior.” They forgot God had done great things in Egypt for them. They forgot how God delivered them out of the land of Egypt and slavery. They forgot the “Wonders in the land of Ham” that God did for them.

Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers states that (22) Land of Ham. Was —A synonym for Egypt, peculiar to the historic psalms (Psalm 78:51; Psalm 105:23; Psalm 105:27)”. And they forgot “awesome things” by the Red Sea. Remember that whole dried up Red Sea miracle and then drowning the whole Egyptian Army who was about to pounce on them to destroy them.

What? They forgot even the miracle of God parting the waters of the Red Sea. How does anybody forget that! Well, it sounds kind of familiar, like the people of Jesus day who refused the miracles He did and the life He lived before them. Remember that group that was upset with Him that He wouldn’t do miracles on demand, and that group of disciples that forgot the very words He shared about His resurrection. We find them gathered moaning and thinking everything is over and having a hard time believing He rose from the dead. Let’s see, didn’t one of them say he wouldn’t believe till he can put their finger in His side.

Now I know you and I would never be forgetful of what the Lord has done for us, would we? What big things has God done for you worth listing and remembering today. When you read the rest of the Psalm, you’ll discover what consequences are available for those who forget. Better read it with your pencil in hand.

by Jerry Hull, Children's Ministry Pastor

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