In Psalm 106 we have a graphic picture of the history of Israel. They were delivered from the iron furnace of slavery in Egypt. GOD sent a savior in the person of Moses. He caused the Red Sea to be parted for their deliverance from the armies of Egypt. He led them through the wilderness for forty years. He fed them with manna from Heaven and satisfied their thirst with water from a rock. He led them with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. GOD took care of the children of Israel and even their clothes and shoes did not wear out.

What was their response? They murmured and complained. They worshipped idols. They would not obey the laws of GOD. They sacrificed their sons and daughters to the idols of the land of Canaan. They shed the innocent blood of their children to idols. They rebelled against the great GOD of heaven and refused to obey His laws. What was GOD'S response? GOD brought judgment. He withheld the rain. He sent foreign nations to conquer them. They experienced hard times. They experienced the judgment of an angry GOD. He scattered them into the nations of the world. GOD is long suffering and gracious but He will at long last correct His disobedient and erring children. He is a GOD of judgment but He is also a GOD of mercy.

When the people would cry out to Him in repentance He would extend mercy. Psalm 106:45 says " And He remembered for them His covenant and repented according to the multitude of His mercies." Psalm 106:46 says "He made them to be pitied of all those who carried them away captive."

GOD is a GOD of judgment but he is also a GOD of mercy when his elect cry out to him in repentance. When we look to GOD and repent of our rebellion GOD is gracious to forgive. The Psalm closes with Psalm 106:48 "Blessed be the LORD GOD of Israel from everlasting to everlasting and let all the people say amen. Praise the LORD." And all the people said Praise the LORD. Sin brings judgment but repentance brings mercy. And all the people said amen. Praise the LORD.

by Clois Clark, Elder

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